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Great Lawyer! Great Guy!
5.0 stars
Posted by Carl
February 21, 2014

Bryan is the best lawyer I have ever worked with. He proved to be extremely knowledgeable concerning all important details throughout our time working together. I was always kept up to date and informed immediately of any changes. There has never been a time when he did not respond to me immediately – imagine that. I trust this man explicitly with my legal affairs. He has worked tirelessly in order to achieve the best outcome possible for me – his client. I highly recommend Bryan Vereschagin for your legal representation.

Bryan ROCKS!!!
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
May 19, 2017

My case had to do with life insurance fraud. It was a complex matter, involving multiple aspects that had to be properly analyzed and clearly outlined in a lawsuit. Prior to meeting Bryan, I’ve contacted dozens of lawyers, many of whom claimed to be experts specifically in the area of life insurance. I think that anyone who’s ever been involved in a lawsuit, knows what a daunting task it is to put together all of the necessary documentation in order to build a successful case. So needless to say, explaining what happened to dozens of lawyers, writing countless e-mails, and making numerous phone calls can be absolutely exhausting! Even more so, when the person claiming to be a specialist or an expert in a certain area just doesn’t get it and/or doesn’t care! Each time I’d go out of my way to explain what happened and provide supporting documentation to yet another lawyer, I’d feel like I’m talking to a wall! Bryan was the ONLY person who GOT IT fully and on the FIRST meeting! Not only did he say immediately there was a case, but he was also able to absorb all of the information pertaining to the case fully and correctly identify ALL of the core issues! He even figured out the formula that the insurance company used to defraud the account out of money. When I got to this point with other lawyers, I usually got a blank stare. Bryan takes no BS approach to his clients. He is very sharp, direct, and above all, a genuinely good guy! If you want a champion in your corner, give Bryan a call! BTW, he WON my case and I’m extremely grateful to him for that!

Bryan is unstoppable
5.0 stars
Posted by Dylan
May 18, 2017

Bryan was able to smoothly remove me from a very messy partnership and investment arrangement. Without him I would have been lost. I am very grateful for his representation. He was with me every step of the way, and protected my interests at all times. He cares a great deal for his clients and for that I am indebted.

Great guy with lots of knowledge
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
May 18, 2017

Working with Bryan has been amazing . In the world of complexities surrounding modern law, Bryan does a wonderful job not only developing case strategy and tactics but also provides great transparency to his clients by explaining everything thoroughly in terms that are easy to understand. In addition, what was quite impressive for me to see was genuine approach that Bryan took with me. Every time we have spoken on the phone or in person, Bryan was very passionate and caring to my specific situation and the case outcome.

Bryan is a wonderful man and a great attorney. If you are looking for someone who can provide you with not only a great representation but also who will truly care about you and your case , Bryan is your guy !!!

A client focused professional
5.0 stars
Posted by Jonathan
May 18, 2017

Mr. Vereschegan has represented me twice; once in personal injury and again in a compensation dispute with an employer. Both disputes had favorable resolutions, and I am convinced it was because of Mr. Vereschegans’s high degree fiduciary responsibility paired with his high degree of experience and knowledge of the law. I recommend him to anyone looking for council with a high degree of transparency, professionalism, and proven results.

I can’t thank this guy enough. Best lawyer I’ve talked to thus far. Just a really good vibe, really good guy, but most importantly–he will get things done. He was, in every aspect, exceptional. I hope to be in touch with him next time I need to file a lawsuit, and at the rate I’m going, this might be sometime in the near future.

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